Here are some kind words of clients. Find more testimonials on my Facebook Page.

“"I just listened to the recording for the first time and I had to tell you straight away that I genuinely thought it was brilliant. You took my words and weaved them into a script expertly, and the way you guided me was very professional and perfectly timed.!”
Female client receiving a hypnotic recording for business success
“"I contacted Christina to help me address some negative beliefs around anger I had as I would have anger issues in my relationship. I lack words to describe how amazing and wonderful Christina has been. The session was really eye-opening and throughout the entire time I felt she was very caring and put her heart into helping me. Christina has a talent, a gift, a session with her was very very important and life-changing really. She is wise, very tuned in spiritually and truly gifted. Today I no longer react with anger. I now know that things can be in peace and I can have peace – all the result I wanted! Christina – thank you so much for everything you have done for me, for your time, your knowledge, your true desire to help me. Thank you for you. ”
Female client with relationship issues
““I actually have achieved all of my desired outcomes! I have succeeded in all three of these goals and I definitely did feel more confident in myself. Thank you for all your help!!” ”
Female student with anxiety around exam success subsequently achieving top grades
“"Following my session, I soon felt calmer and can now say that I am much less worried about things and my mood is much more positive. This positive development is underpinned by the recording that I have listened to over a longer period of time." ”
Male client with issues around over-thinking, negativity and inability to relax
“"The session with you gave me a clear vision of my life, it also gave me confidence, courage, drive and energy. Now I am very confident to be able to solve and clarify anything. I found new courage to conquer things that seemed to be difficult. With this new impulse it comes more naturally to make uneasy decisions and meet obligations. The energy I gain every week is incredible and when I need rest, my body clearly tells me." ”
Female client with issues around self-confidence, also seeking clarity and direction in her life
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