Confidence Coaching

Coaching and hypnotherapy are my two favourite ways of helping clients to become un-stuck. I specialise in Confidence Coaching

But what exactly IS Confidence Coaching? How can it help you? More to the point: What is confidence?


Well, confidence comes from the Latin word "fidere" or "to trust". Hence "con-fidence" means "with trust". And self-confidence (which we are talking about here) means "trust in self". 

In other words my job is to coach you to have "trust in yourself". To have and walk through life with self-confidence.

Why is this so important? 

Because wherever you feel stuck at present - in business, your work, your relationship, your fitness or health; whatever the area is where you want to improve and just don't seem to manage by yourself - a lack of self-confidence, belief in your ability to bring about change, is most likely the reason.

What causes lack of confidence?
This lack of self-confidence is brought on by your life's experiences and the resulting negative beliefs you hold about yourself, the words you are saying to yourself. You are most likely silently (or out loud in anger?) saying things to yourself like: "Why on Earth can't I overcome this? Why does this always happen to me? If only he/she/xyz was different! If only I had enough courage to ask for xyz. I can't believe I don't manage to get more clients! Why does my weight not shift? How could I have been so stupid?" Basically you are telling yourself not very nice things and ugly, negative thoughts are cruising round and round in your head. Confidence and belief in yourself, your abilities and the fact that you matter are at an all-time low. This in turn creates  feelings of anger, frustration, inadequacy, maybe even self-hatred, sadness, hopelessness or helplessness, desperation, anxiety, fear.


So it goes like this: Negative experiences get stuck and create an "I am not enough" reality" --> punishing thoughts/inner self talk of worthlessness/incompetence --> low feelings of worthlessness/incompetence --> low confidence and the same, undesired outcome!

But herein lies the solution: Change those negative thoughts into positive thoughts and your self-confidence will sky rocket and so will your results in life!

And the beauty of it: You already have everything you need to do this within you. You already have those positive and life-affirming, joyful, success thoughts within you!

My work is to help you uncover them and transform your life to a life brimming full of uplifting, encouraging, self-loving, positive thoughts. The result: self-confidence and outcomes in life that speak for themselves: a healthy, fit body, a loving relationship, outstanding performance at work or in your business, an amazing social life, financial freedom...whatever you want  - with self-confidence brought on by the right thinking it's yours.

I know I can help you get there with simple, straight-forward coaching. Nothing fancy, simply assisting you to re-discover what you already know. You were born confident. Aren't all babies brimming with confidence, smiling at everyone who cares to walk by and expecting to get everything they want? I can help you peel off the layers and lay bare your innate confidence to begin your new, successful life. Hypnosis or hypnotic exercises may or may not part of the work we do together. Whatever suits you and your learning and gets you the desired outcome will be part of the coaching.

Now it goes like this: Negative experiences become un-stuck, dissolve and a new "I am absolutely enough" reality --> empowering thoughts/inner self-talk of worthiness/competence --> freeing feelings of worthiness/competence --> high confidence and a different, desired outcome!

The first step is a free, initial conversation. Contact me  to arrange this. I will give you my full attention and we will figure out if we are a fit to work together. I look forward to hearing from you and if you are not sure, ask yourself: "If not now - when?"


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