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Welcome to Free From Your Fears and the External Resources page for students of 

"The Complete Hypnotherapy Masterclass - Overcome Fear & Anxiety Through Self-Hypnosis"

Below you will find audios to accompany specific lectures of the course. They are designed to deepen your learning and help you achieve your desired result faster. Come back to this material as often as you need to.

Lecture 5 - Neuroplasticity






Listen to why neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to form new connections in response to learning) lies at the heart of hypnosis and is literally the "gateway" to any change.





Lecture 6 - Audio 1: Induction Techniques

Listen and explore various ways of transporting yourself gently into the state of self-hypnosis.

Lecture 6 - Audio 2: Deepening Techniques

In this audio I outline other ways of deepening your trance and really relaxing into yourself - for maximum uptake of the self hypnosis suggestions that follow.

Lecture 5 - Suggestibility Exercises

In this audio I go deeper into fun exercises to show you and others just what you are capable of when you give yourself suggestions in a powerful way!

Lecture 9 - The Rules of the Mind

The mind is not as complicated as you may think. It lives by certain rules which all of us can exploit to not only overcome fear and anxiety - but also achieve greater success in life! Find out more in this audio.

Lecture 10 - Turbo-Charge your Success

How you talk to yourself, the kind of language you use in your self-hypnosis script (and in your self-talk in daily life!) is very, very important. Listen for tips and examples on what words and phrases to use for maximum impact.

Lecture 12- Audio 1 - Understand and Overcome Anxiety

This audio explains how anxiety often stems from childhood events and how to overcome it, no matter how long it has been present. Remember: It is not the event itself - but the meaning you give to it! - that determines how it makes you feel....and thus the outcome.


Lecture 12 - Audio 2 - No More Negative Self Talk!

More on language in this audio - get inspired by specific examples on how to change the negative words you say to yourself into kinder, positive, encouraging phrases. This alone can make a huge difference in any situation where you find yourself anxious or fearful.

Lecture 16 - Scheduling Your Self Hypnosis Sessions

Scheduling your Self Hypnosis Sessions can be tricky in our busy lives. In this audio I suggest ways of establishing regular practice and therefore faster results.


Lecture 19 - FAQs

In this audio I am covering more commonly asked questions around hypnosis.



Emotional Tracker - Worksheet

Monitoring and tracking how your mood improves and anxiety and fear lessen will help you immensely.

You will create the life you want faster. Download and adapt the tracker to your needs.

Sample Hypnotic Scripts

Are you wondering where to start when it comes to writing down the suggestions you are going to give yourself during your hypnotic recording?

View or download these scripts to give you ideas and get you started!

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