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I have never experienced hypnosis - will the recordings work for me?
Absolutely! Everyone - including you - finds him/herself in states of trance which are very similar to the state you are in whilst listening to a transform21 hypnotic recording! For example when you are: - completely engrossed in a movie or a good book - driving - utterly focused on a task at work - searching for a specific item in the supermarket - lost in a vivid daydream These are all occasions when we unwittingly put ourselves in a hypnotic state. And they are mostly very pleasurable. Transform21 hypnotic recordings are similar and you will have no problems using them!
Can I listen to my recording for longer than 21 days?
Of course! Research suggests that it takes A MINIMUM OF 21 days to form a new habit. This is where transform21 hypnotic recordings derive their name from; however feel free to listen to your recording for a longer period than that. You may want to reduce the frequency of listening after a while and / or eventually just listen to the recording prior to challenging situations or events or during periods of your life when you need a little extra help from your "internal cheerleader".
Can I listen to my recording before I go to sleep?
Yes. You may fall asleep before the audio is finished but that's ok. Your mind will still absorb the content whilst you are in slumber. However, it is important to find a balance between listening at bedtime and when you are wide awake and fully aware. The recordings often ask you to use your senses and that is best done in a conscious state.
Does it matter if I choose a recording with music or without?
Not in the least. This is entirely up to your personal preference. For example whilst studying, some people prefer having background music (which helps entering a focused state and provides additional well being and repetition), others feel that music is disruptive and prefer silence in the background to concentrate on the matter in hand. It is the same with the recordings - choose the format which you believe will help you the most absorbing the suggestions in the recordings.
Does it matter if I miss out a day when listening?
Yes, it does. A big part of you reaching your goal is commitment and frequency. There aren't many "instructions" when it comes to listening to your transform21 hypnotic recording; but one of them is to listen to it every day.
Can I listen to my recording more often than once a day?
Absolutely! Your mind learns by repetition; so the more often you listen to your recording, the better.
Can I listen to my recording in the background whilst doing other things?
Yes, you can. The more often you take in the concepts in the recording the better. BUT this must only be in addition to your once-daily "full" listening as this requires the "eye rol" and subsequent closing of your eyes which you obviously can't perform when engaged in other tasks.
How do enter the hypnotic state with transform21?
By performing what we call the "eye roll" at the beginning. This involves fixating your eyes at a real or imagined spot overhead, breathing in & out three times whilst holding that spot with your eyes. You may need to blink more which is always a sign that you are entering the hypnotic state. On the third time you close your eyelids right down and stop thinking about your eyes altogether. Now you are in a REM (Rapid Eye Movement) state, the same state you go through within the first 90 mins of sleep and several times thereafter. This is the perfect basis for your hypnotic conditioning.
I have suffered from my issue for a long time and tried various methods but without success; can a hypnotic recording still help?
Yes! What I suggest you do is this: Ask yourself carefully how committed you truly are to free yourself of the issue and how willing you are to persevere with the hypnotic recording beyond the 21 days if necessary. If your answer to both questions is a resounding "100%" - then go ahead and purchase the recording. Conditioning your subconscious with self-hypnosis is one of the best ways to bring about change and your recording will certainly assist you toward getting some relief, even significant relief. If however you prefer to get to the true cause of your issue and remove it once and for all so you can move on - then I recommend emailing me on to discuss if a full Rapid Transformational Therapy session would be the best way forward for you.
What is the science behind transform21 hypnotic recordings?
The hypnotic state that you will be in, is similar to the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) state that everyone finds themselves in during the first 90 mins after falling asleep and several times throughout the night. It is important to transport yourself into the REM state which is also the time we spend dreaming. Here is why I get you to enter this state so you get the best results from your recording: a) In the REM state you are at your most inward-looking, using your imagination. Super-important so you can really take the hypnotic suggestions on board and in turn produce results for you in real life! b) In the REM state your attention is narrowed down (due to your inability to move major muscles and reduced sensitivity to outside stimuli). Super-important so you can really focus and embed the hypnotic suggestions within you, again to produce the results you long for!
I am undergoing therapy to help me with my issue already. Can I use your recordings in addition?
Yes - but I would advise you to inform the practitioner/therapist you are already seeing that you are using hynpotic recordings. Also check out the question: Can everyone anyone use your recordings or are there exceptions?
Can everyone use your recordings or are there exceptions?
In principle - yes. However - as transform21 hypnotic recordings induce a trance-like, dream-like state, it stands to reason that individuals with certain conditions should think carefully about using transform21 hypnotic recordings or any hypnotic tool for that matter. Those include but are not limited to: anyone who is at that moment under the influence of drugs, people with delusional or hallucinatory conditions or individuals suffering from dementia for example.
Are there any side effects to using transform21 hypnotic recordings?
Yes! But mainly positive ones! In addition to experiencing change in alignment with your goal (depending on the recording you are using) you may experience: ~ Increased energy levels ~ Improvements in other, seemingly unrelated areas in your life ~ Increased positivity and joy ~ A need to abstain from certain substances, for example alcohol A few people experience: ~ feelings of nausea ~ headaches ~ light-headedness These are most likely due to what is called a "healing crisis". During times of change our body and mind often take a bit of time to adjust and "sort themselves out", producing the above symptoms. Much like when you are moving house for example. For a while everything seems in a bit of turmoil whilst you work on your new surroundings. It is the same with your subconsicous producing physical results whilst you get to grips with the thought patterns that are new and are being instilled in you. However, just like everything settles down in a new house after a while, these side effects are only temporary and nonetheless good news - an indication that change is actively ongoing. I must add though: If in doubt, always seek medical advice.
I don't see any results after listening for 21 days. What can I do?
If that is the case, please go through the following check-list: 1. Have you listened to the recording for an uninterrupted 21 days? 2. Have you listened at least once a day? 3. Have you had a good balance between listening fully aware and falling asleep? 4. Have you listened feeling comfortable in yourself? 5. Have you listened in undisturbed surroundings? 6. Have you listened in surroundings where you felt safe? 7. Are you really and truly committed to making the desired change in your life? If the answer to any of the above is "NO", then please repeat the 21 days, making sure you adhere to all the above. If the answer to any of the above is "YES", you have the following options: 1. Carry on listening for a further 21 days - your mind may just take a bit longer to absorb the concepts in the recording 2. Get in contact with me indicating a day and time when I can call you for a confidential chat - I may be able to give you more pointers and tips; or there may be underlying,subconscious issues on your side that are blocking the recording from taking full effect that could need exploring in more depth.
Is it possible to have a recording especially made for me?
Yes, of course! Personalised recordings follow slightly different "rules" and are another great way of getting outstanding results in your life. Contact me to arrange a free, confidential call and I will produce an individual recording for you that fits your exact circumstances and goals.
Do I have to use head phones or can I listen without?
Headphones are usually best as they create a more intimate and focused listening experience. But of course - if you can't or don't want to use head phones, that's fine. When listening without head phones be doubly sure thought that you are undisturbed.
Does it matter if I lie down or sit down whilst listening?
No. What is often beneficial though is to maintain an "open" position. After all during the recording you want to be in receiving mode. This means: Avoid crossing arms and legs and - when sitting down on a chair- it often helps to have your feet flat on the floor so you remain grounded and connected to "mother nature" whilst your subconscious is listening to the suggestions in the recording.
What if I don't go "deep enough" into hypnosis do I go whilst listening?
Let me make one thing clear: It does not matter one bit how "deep" you go. What matters is that you are open to the suggestions and commands given during the recording. Also that you are willing to really let them in. Remember, you are in control all the time.
What if something or someone does interrupt me when I listen to my recording? Do I have to start again from the beginning?
If the interruption lasts some time - yes, would recommend you start again from the beginning. If you are only leaving the recording for a few seconds or minutes then - no. Simply start again with the "eye roll", switch the recording back on and carry on. Or start again. It is up to you!
I prefer CDs. Is it possible to get a CD instead of an MP3 download?
Yes, it is. Please contact with your request.
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