Welcome to Free From Your Fears!

Free From Your Fears is dedicated to help you do just that - free yourself from fearful and anxious thoughts that are holding you back from leading a fulfilled and confident life.

I am guessing you are here because you feel stuck? Unable to overcome an issue or stressor in your life? 

Whether it is in the area of relationships, health, wealth or any other aspect to your life: We help you work through your problem(s) and even transform your life in two main ways: With confidence coaching and hypnotic recordings.

Confidence Coaching is a wonderful way of helping you to move past what is currently blocking you from changing a situation or achieving a goal. Low confidence is always at the root of such issues. Once your confidence increases (and it will!) you will find that your life falls into place. 

Transform21 are hypnotic recordings that have the ability to start changing your life significantly in just 3 weeks. We use these recordings as part of hypnosis or on their own.

A tool that most successful people use by the way! Athletes regularly turn to self hypnosis/suggestion techniques as well as the most influential and wealthy individuals to date.


Please click HERE For free hypnotic video recordings to support you during any ongoing difficulties due to Covid-19.


Rest assured: Every transform21 hypnotic recording has been recorded using cutting-edge hypnotic tools including tailored visualisations and suggestions. 


Here's to your "new you"! 


Whether you wish to be able to sleep whilst travelling or simply want an uninterrupted night's sleep in your own home...a transform21 hypnotic recording trains your brain to achieve the sleeping patterns that suit YOU! 




Whether you want to stop drinking altogether, become a moderate drinker or avoid a certain type of drink...a transform21 hypnotic recording helps you to handle alcohol the way YOU want!





Whatever situation you find yourself in...a transform21 hypnotic recording enables you to give back to yourself the unshakeable confidence you were born with!




moneyWhether you are lacking money altogether or want to increase your existing financial wealth...a transform21 hypnotic recording gives you the right mindset to make any amount of money you desire!





successWhatever area in your life you wish to be more successful in...with a transform21 hypnotic recording you develop success habits that will stay with you forever!




Regardless of whether the thought of speaking in public has you break out into a cold sweat - or whether you want to improve on your delivery...a transform21 hypnotic recording is the solution to deliver any public speech with ease and authority.




perfect partnerRegardless of your relationship history... a transform21 hypnotic recording is the perfect way to attract your soul mate.





Take back control and free yourself from anxiety or depression...a transform21 hypnotic recording will assist you to develop the right habits  to steadily improve your mood and move towards a  life of joy and balance.




Whether you are unable to slim down and stay your ideal weight or have never been able to loose weight...a transform21 hypnotic recording will change your eating habits and life style to drop down to - and maintain! - your ideal weight.




motivationWhatever it is you are trying to motivate yourself for...with a transform21 hypnotic recording you will be "up and running" with bags of motivation in no time!




Whatever it is that is really getting to you...no need to hide any more, using a transform21 hypnotic recording will increase your coping skills to be on top of EVERY situation!

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