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Hello and welcome to Free From Your Fears!


My name is Christina Juppe and I am the founder of Free From Your Fears. I am based in the UK and trained in Rapid Transformational Therapy (®RTT), a potent methodology that includes elements of NLP, CBT and hypnosis. Using this method and hypnotic recordings has benefited me enormously, especially in the area of physical health and recovery from illness.

I also have extensive coaching experience - coaching actually started my own self development journey more than 10 years ago and helped me hugely to become a confident, balanced person. Thanks to being coached and the insights I gained - and am still gaining - I have developed a mindset that allows me to deal with stress, anxiety or overwhelm in a quick and effective way. They are rare visitors in my life now and when they come - I recognise them and work through them with ease.


With Transformation Coaching and transform21 hypnotic recordings I want to help you achieve just that - a life that allows you to move through challenges with ease, free from fear and anxiety and full of joy, love, self-confidence and success. 

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