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My name is Christina Juppe and I am the founder of Free From Your Fears. I am based in the UK and trained in Rapid Transformational Therapy (®RTT), a potent methodology that includes psychotherapy, NLP, CBT and hypnosis. I also have extensive coaching experience - coaching actually started my self development journey more than 10 years ago and helped me hugely to become a confident, balanced person. Stress, anxiety or overwhelm are rare visitors in my life now and when they come - I recognise them and work through them with ease.

Using hypnosis on myself - in the comfort of my home or pretty much anywhere - has also enabled me to improve my life in a number of ways, especially my physical health.

As a result of this Achieving the right mindset for outstanding success in life is one of my passions.

With confidence coaching and transform21 hypnotic recordings I want to help you achieve just that - a life free from fear and anxiety and full of self-confidence and success. 

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